The Google Merchant Product Feed plugin has been built specifically for WooCommerce allowing you to quickly and easily create XML feeds for your products for the Google Merchant Centre.

The Google Merchant Product Feed plugin gives you complete control over all the major attributes such as feed title, description and Google Category as well as individual selectable products. The Pro and Ultimate versions allow you to select products by category making multiple product selection a breeze.

The Pro and Ultimate verions allow you to select whether product variants are created as seperate items. In addition to this, the Google Merchant Product Feed plugin allows you to map your product variant attributes to the attributes within Google Merchant Centre allowing each item to be treated as an individual and unique product.

Once you have configured your feed settings, the XML feed is created with it's own URL which you submit to the Google Merchant Centre.

Create multiple feeds each with unique settings, attributes and product combinations
Specify attributes such as Feed Title, Shop URL and Description
Easily Select products based on category and descide whether to include product variations
Assign product attributes to match the variant attributes required by Google Merchant Centre
Select the Shipping Method and Country from those configured within WooCommerce
Generate your XML feed for Google Merchant Centre
Finally....get your products listed within the Googles search results.


  • Create multiple XML feeds each with their own unique settings
  • Easily set feed attributes such as Title, Description and link to store
  • Select which products to include in the feed via a simple interface
  • Set the Google Merchant Category on a per product basis or set it globally for the feed
  • Decide whether to create individual feed items for product variants*
  • Map variant attributes to Googles variation attributes (color, size, age, brand, gender and material)*
  • Select which Shipping Method and Shipping Country to use based on those set within WooCommerce
  • Each XML feed has it's own unique URL which can be added to the Google Merchant Centre



  • Create Unlimited Feeds
  • Upto 10 products per feed
  • Assign Google Categories for each Product
  • Specify Shippping Type and Country
  • Filter Products by Category



  • Create Unlimited Feeds
  • Unlimited Products
  • **Unlimited Product Variants**
  • Assign Google Categories for each Product
  • Specify Shippping Type and Country
  • Filter Products by Category
  • 6 Months Support


Video shows Google Mercant Feed Lite


The plugin made creating XML feeds for the Google Merchant Centre as simple as ticking a few boxes.
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